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Why is cork better?

Cork is renewable, easily recycled and one of the most sustainable resources on Earth! It literally grows on trees. Cork is harvested from the Cork Oak (Quercus Suber). When the tree is about 25–30 years old, the bark can be harvested for the first time. Cork bark is harvested completely by hand by highly skilled workers. No trees are cut down and each and every cork tree is left completely unharmed. 

Cork bark grows back to a considerable thickness and can be harvested every 9 years to produce cork. This regeneration also helps to facilitate a greater rate of carbon dioxide absorption. Cork is responsible, recyclable & sustainable!

Earth Warrior® cork products are:

  • PVC-free! No toxic off-gassing or leaching chemicals.
  • Made of natural materials - better for you & our planet.
  • Non-slip - the wetter the better.
  • Anti-microbial – resist mould, mildew & bacteria.
  • Naturally anti-fungal.
  • Water-repellant - won't absorb sweat & smells.
  • Repel dust - perfect for allergy sufferers.